How to Build a Patio Cooler

DIY Woodworking Ideas How to Build a Patio Cooler

How to Build a Patio Cooler

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How to Build a Patio Cooler Summer is my favorite season of the year and I love projects that spruce up the patio. A fellow DIY’er named Paul Broder from Burleson, Texas sent in a photo of an ice chest and said he’d love to see a tutorial on how to build something similar. So, I got to work and ended up coming up with some Today I’m going to show you How to Build a Patio Cooler and Grill Cart Combo. The grilling season is upon us! The cool weather is making an exit and the heat, BBQ, and outdoor parties are here.Spruce up your deck with a clever DIY patio table that also keeps drinks cool and within arms reach. Dreamed up by crafty couple Sarah Bowes-Pope and Alex Pope of the blog Domesticated Engineer, this stunning wood patio table with built-in coolers is possibly one of the most awesome outdoor accessories we’ve seen – and it’s made entirely from scratch.

Hello! My name is Kristen and along with my husband David, we are the authors/owners of DIY Cozy Home. Working to create a beautiful, inspiring and RELAXING home is my passion. With two energetic young boys in tow, I’m always on the lookout for crafty fun for them as well.Patio Table with Built-In Ice Boxes by Heidi of Kruse’s Workshop. Click Here to Get a Free Printable Version of this Building Plan. Howdy from South Dakota! I’m Heidi, and along with my trusty husband, Brent, we’ve been busy remodeling and building everything from picture frames to doll houses in our upcycled garage aptly nicknamed, Kruse’s Workshop.If you want to learn how to build a rustic cooler from pallets then I’ve got a great project. And the coolest part is that I did it using only one type of saw. There are great tutorials on the web but they all require a ton of tools. I know you might not have a table saw, router or miter saw

Really, what is better than a patio table with a built in cooler! Who really wants to get up to get another beer? Almost everyone has seen this picture of the wine cooler patio table ether on Pinterest or Reddit.Join the DIY PETE email list for helpful DIY tips and to find out when new plans are available. Simply download these plans to subscribe. Looking to build your own DIY PATIO COOLER ICE CHEST for the summer? If so, check out these FREE plans for all the good stuff. You may donate if you’d like, but this is 100% optional! To donate simply enter an amount.After see the picnic table picture from Medlock Ames’ tasting room with the built in wine cooler we decided to incorporate this into our new patio table design.A fantastic cooler, better than expected, but set your expectations accordingly. First, this cooler looks fantastic on our deck, a piece of furniture that goes very well with our pit smoker from Texas.

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